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Re: [xmlblaster] SOCKET problem, why are messages delayed?

Marcel Ruff wrote:

PBal wrote:


I've chosen XmlBlaster because of its wealth of features, simple tcp socket protocol support, compatibility and possible ease of use, and it looked good. However...
What i'm currently trying to write is a simple rpc framework in java for a quite complex commercial program being developed.
>> [...]

It seems that the message with id "server:6024" is delivered to your
client (called 'server/1') and this client blocks in its update() method.
After the timeout (60 sec) suddenly the update() returns.

I believe it is a multi threading dead lock issue in your client code.

You were right, I simply assumed xmlBlaster is threadpooling incoming updates. I\ve made a threadpool myself, now it's working nicely.

Thanks for the tips.

Balázs Póka