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Re: [xmlblaster] xb_queues table entries

Marcel Ruff wrote:
Joanne wrote:

I've set up xmlblaster to work with Oracle for persistence queues. In my experimentation, I noticed that a new callback row entry into the xb_queues table occurs for each new client login like:


Do these row entries ever get cleared from the table? Even if the client performs a disconnect, I noticed that these row entries remain in the table. I guess my real question is: Is there anything that automatically maintains/cleans this table to remove stale entries?

No this is a leak, the message entries itself are deleted
but the queue name entries remain, we will fix it to the next

Hi Joanne,

this isssue is fixed in the current cvs,
thank you for your patience.
Please read the xmlBlaster/CHANGES file after checkout
from xmlBlaster,


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