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Re: [xmlblaster] Deregister callback server

Hi Jason,
commonly you don't need to bother about the callback server. Normally as a client you use the I_XmlBlasterAccess to access xmlBlaster. The callback server will shutdown when invoking I_XmlBlasterAccess.disconnect().

Unsubscribing does not shutdown the CbServer since other subscriptions could still be active, you could still get PtP messages or messages from suscriptions done by other clients for you.

If you want to shutdown the CB without disconnecting you can invoke I_XmlBlasterAccess.leaveServer(null).

Hope this helps

Jason Martin wrote:
What is the appropriate way to deregister a callback server? I
launched a callback server, then subscribed to an oid, then
unsubscribed, and the callback server is still getting
pinged. Is there a seperate way of gracefully shutting off a
callback server other than settings retries to 0 and shutting it

-Jason Martin

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