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Re: [xmlblaster] Published messages are delayed.

Quartier, Nicolas wrote:
Hi Marcel,

I'm using xmlBlaster version 0.903 *stable* 2004-05-13
I have been testing out things on windows 2000 and on RH Linux 9.
Both with the same result.

I'm using java version "1.4.2_01", both for the engines and the clients.
No c++ clients were used.

I was playing with transient and persistent messages: the result is that the
behaviour is better with transient messages, the delay is less.
I was also playing with the size of the messages(content = 16 bytes, 1KB, 32KB, ...),
the bigger the messages get, the bigger the delay before the messages arrive at the subscribed clients.

I also switched of the persistence of xmlBlaster completely off,
letting it run completely in memory.
Again the result is a lot better but not yet sufficient.

Callback messages can be send in a bulk (we call it burst mode). This is configured inside the callback tag in ConnectQos.

You can switch off the burstMode which collects messages
to be delivered in a bulk in the ConnectQos:

     <callback ...>
         <burstMode collectTime='0' maxEntries='1'/>

by setting collectTime to zero and maxEntries to one.

I will drive some tests here and come back to you,



Hope this helps,

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Quartier, Nicolas wrote: > Hi, > > I'm developing an application that publishes a lot of messages > continuously and fast after each other. > Fast, but not that fast (< then the 672 messages per second performance > value mentioned on the website) > The problem is that the messages are delayed towards the subscribed > clients. > Sometimes it takes a number of seconds before the messages arrive at the > subscribed clients (even with 1 subscribed client) and > > when they finally arrive, it is like they are updated in bulk. > The consequence is that there are more than 1000 entries in the callback > queues (queue overflow). > Increasing the callback queues is not a solution because there is still > a large delay before the subscribed clients > receive the messages. > > When I decrease the speed of publishing messages, eg. putting a delay > (eg 100ms) in the code in between 2 message > publications, the message arrive almost immediately at the subscribed > clients. > > Does anyone know what can be problem causing this delay. > > Thanks, > Nicolas. > Hi Nicolas,

could you please provide more details?
Which OS and version and thread lib, which xmlBlaster version, which Java version,
persistent or transient messages, the size of each message etc.



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