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[xmlblaster] Problem with socket reconnects

Hi Marcel,

I am using the latest xmlBlaster 0.91 from CVS (er, SVN) and am
experiencing a new problem with the socket protocol.

The problem is if I connect a client to the xmlBlaster server (again,
using the socket protocol), subscribe to a topic, then shut down and
restart xmlBlaster (but not the client), the client doesn't properly
restablish its connection when xmlBlaster restarts. It no longer receives
messages published to its subscribed topic. From what I can tell from the
trace, it's getting a new session ID (e.g. originally -2 but after
xmlBlaster restarts it's -4) which I don't think should happen. It works
properly with the IOR protocol and it worked okay in the released 0.91.

Let me know if you need more data.