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Re: [xmlblaster] Performance; Using XMLBlaster as a Messaging Bus

Ismail T wrote:
Hello everyone,

Hi Ismail,

I am new to XMLBLaster, and I am considering using it as a chat/Instant Messaging Server. The clients (applets/Midlets) connect to the XMLBlaster via the socket interface, send a message to another peer via the server. My questions concern the performance of using XMLBLaster in this contest. Is it suitable?

This should be possible with xmlBlaster. To verify your performance needs just use the delivered demo clients with adapted command line settings which reflect your needs.

We won't make any performance changes for xmlBlaster for the coming
release 1.0, we only focus on stability now.

After 1.0 is released, performance issues will be addressed again.

 The latest  XMLBlaster performance paper is quite dated. I know about IM servers like Jabber, but I would like to use my own simple and light protocol, and would need a free (open sourceprefered since this is for educational use) messaging bus.
 I am thinking of having a subject for each Instant Messaging client, to which other peers publish messages (a simple Message sent as a Private Message) and general subjects (chat rooms/message board) to which several clients might subscribe. If presence information is needed, it would probably need another subject (clientAStatus) to which all the friends will subscribe to get updates, when the client publishes it's presence status (away/Busy..).
Do you think that XMLBlaster is too heavy for this kind of applications?

You design looks OK.

If this is the case, could you advice me on a free Messaging bus I could use?
In case I am using only the Socket interface, does XMLBlaster offer a configuration option to load only this "driver" and not the other protocol plugins RMI/CORBA/SOAP ? Is there a way to fine tune it for many subjects (a lot of private messages/instant messaging) and fewer clients for each subject (only 2 or 3 in a private room)?

Take a copy of xmlBlaster/config/xmlBlasterPlugins.xml.template to $HOME/xmlBlasterPlugins.xml and throw out all protocol drivers you don't need. (you can do this in the xmlBlaster.jar directly if you don't want a separate property file)



These are many questions, any comments are welcome.
Thanking in advance,


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