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Re: [xmlblaster] Client Logout

Hi Michele,
thank you very much. Thats great.


Michele Laghi wrote:

Hi Meinrad,
the retreival of the information about the sessionId is now implemented on both __sys_Login and __sys__Logout.

You can retreive it in the update Method in the qos:

long sessionId = updateQos.getClientProperty("__sessionId", 0L);

Greetings Michele

Meinrad Teufel wrote:


I can subscribe to the topic __sys__Logout, so that I will be informed whenever a client logs out.
The problem is that I only get the user name. Is there a possibility to get information about user name with sessionId?
We have a lot of clients which connect to xmlBlaster with the same user name, so I cannot decide which of them logs out.

Thanks a lot

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