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[xmlblaster] Is subversion a requirement?

Is an installed subversion a requirement for compiling xmlBlaster?
If not, there are problems compiling c and c++ libs.

In several files the static const char *rcsid_GlobalCpp will be initialized as follows:
static const char *rcsid_GlobalCpp __attribute__ ((unused)) = " at (#) $Id: msgUtil.c 12974 2004-12-01 16:45:28Z ruff $ xmlBlaster 1.RC2 #svn: No such file or directory
svn: svn_io_file_open: can't open `.svn/entries'";

The compiler error:
missing terminating " character

This happens because
svn: svn_io_file_open: can't open `.svn/entries'";
is in a new line.

Greetings Meinrad