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Re: [xmlblaster] vb.net and activex dll

Dupuy, Robert wrote:
Hi Robert,

your binary access was the missing gap in our VB.net demo, thanks!

Passing strings works fine here (and on other WinXP i know of) so it

must be some special settings >(Unicode/UTF-8/versions?) you have. JDK 1.5 with a current Win XP should work fine.


Well, I am glad that I was able to be a small help.
Here are my settings, what setting do you use?


Active code page: 437



My computer did have international language support with cyrillic
keyboard input, but, I have removed everything, trying to find the
answer.  Still, strings do not work. :-(  How did you install the JDK,
with european language support?  That seems to be the default now.


i have just now no Win box available, but your settings
sound OK.
I have no clue why strings don' pass in your environment.
Probably you could try to search the internet about this issue.

If you are experienced with Windows it is probably no
big issue to wrap the C and C++ xmlBlaster client library
as an ActiveX control - like this you avoid any java stuff.

Keep us informed,