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[xmlblaster] Poll for future xmlBlaster direction


for the next steps of xmlBlaster evolution we need some feedback.
First some basic issues.

Please vote on the different topics if you have an opinion about
it or if your environment dictates it.

The Xmas 1.0 xmlBlaster release is JDK 1.3 compatible on server side.
It will only be patched for bug fixes and will remain JDK 1.3 compatible.
Typical version numberings will be 1.01, 1.02.

The new development will be on the main trunk and will lead to release 1.1

o JDK server side:
  Which JDK should we support on server side, do we need support for

  - JDK 1.3
  - JDK 1.4
  - JDK 1.5

  We would like to drop JDK 1.3 as JDK 1.4 offers SSL, logging,
  scalable socket IO and many more goodies.
  If we can drop JDK 1.4 support we can use the nice JDK 1.5
  features like built in JMX, concurrency and templates.

o JDK client side If we change to the Java logging API we need for client side at least JDK 1.4 as well (Note we have a tiny J2ME and Applet based Java client lib as well which won't use any advanced java constructs).

  - JDK 1.2
  - JDK 1.3
  - JDK 1.4
  - JDK 1.5

o Logging API If we change to JDK 1.4 we should/could use JDK1.4's java.util.logging framework. This will be the standard in future as it is delivered with the JDK. To be more open there are Apache's logging interfaces http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/logging/ Which logging should we use?

  - Keep existing xmlBlaster logging interface?
  - Jakarta commons logging Interfaces?
  - JDK 1.4 java.util.logging?
  - Other approach (http://java-source.net/open-source/logging ...)?

o JMX Using JDK 1.5 will enable for us simple JMX support Is this reason enough to go to JDK 1.5 or should we use third party JMX libraries, which do you recommend?

Please post your opinions,