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RE: [xmlblaster] UserGuide


Yesterday I had a lot of fun learning all about docbook... It looks like a fine specification.  

Now, onto the nitty gritty of trying to define exactly what information someone would need from a tutorial book... Some of this I can rely on intuition, as Michele said, as a newbie to the platform, I can readily identify what information it would have been nice for me to know...plus I can look at some old posts to see what questions others were asking...but I suspect a lot more will come out through discussion toon.

I'm going to start, just by examining other books, what other people have done.  This is always a good starting point.  My brother has written a few books for Queue publishers (he wrote the original Idiots Guide to Netscape)...that was when netscape was still at version 2.0...  Anyway, he told me that people may be able to copyright an entire work, but its almost impossible to hold a copyright on the format of a book, and its common to see the format of one book almost completely borrowed in a new one.

I don't plan to go that far...but off to grab some ideas!
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it looks like there are some pretty fine thoughts and ideas comming up. I love reading this thread. If you need some aid on the server side, let me know.