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[xmlblaster] xmlBlaster & BIE

I experimented along time ago with xmlBlaster, and I'm glad to see my
fragmentary presentation file still on the website. :)  But the project
I was working on got shelved.

But I've been working with BIE for awhile now
(http://www.brunswickwdi.com/bie) which is an integration engine we use
for a variety of purposes.  I'm curious if it is possible to use
xmlBlaster in conjunction with BIE since the two seem nicely
complementary and together would almost make a complete workflow system.
I'd like to subscribe BIE to xmlBlaster message delivery. But xmlBlaster
doesn't seem to support SOAP quite yet, which can be used to invoke what
BIE calls 'routes' (chains of actions).  BIE also support HTTP POST/GET
and JMS (see below).  But I'm not terribly familiar with JMS and
xmlBlaster doesn't seem to offer a mechanism for providing HTTP POST
delivery.  Does anyone see a possible mechanism to simply connect these
two systems?

BIE's JMS Listener - "Each workflow is represented is represented by a
queue. To recieve a response from the workflow, the reply to header must
be defined. 
  -Initial Context Factory: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory
  -Queue Connection Factory: UIL2ConnectionFactory"

BIE's HTTP Listener - "The HTTP/HTTPS listener runs the administration
console, web services engine, and HTTP GET/POST listeners. GET and POST
listeners reside at /listener/HTTPGet and /listener/HTTPPost, and
require parameters routeID and message to be specified."

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