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Re: [xmlblaster] questions about qos in cpp client

pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hello,michele
> 	I got somet questions as:
>     1. Some qos values in cpp client(msgqosdata.cpp) will lost when toxml() method
> was invoked to convert qos object to xml string, such as forceDestory.

Please try:

  java org.xmlBlaster.Main -dump[socket] true

and a C++ client compiled with SOCKET protocol:

  PublishDemo -forceDestroy true

no you can see in the server log output that the QOS contains
the forceDestroy.
I tink everything is correct here.

>     2. In StringTrim::isTrue() method, in parameter always is "1" or "0",so "true" 
> and "TURE" are not enough.    

Ok, i have added the "1" variant (in spite of i'm not sure
if this is wise to do),

best regards


> Thanks for your help.        
> pikaiyuan
> 2005-03-17