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Re: [xmlblaster] client.filepoller timeout

David Escala wrote:

I'm using the filepoller plugin. it works as expected, but eventually
the session of a filepoller expires:

Session timeout for _FilePollerPlugin occurred, session
'sessionId:' is expired,

from that time on the filepoller can not publish again:

publish: exception XmlBlasterException

I know you can configure your session in de connect qos with
timeout=0, but don't know how to do it in a plugin.

BTW: the DbWatcher pluguin client does not timeout!

Hi David,

you can configure this by passing a complete connect QoS
xml string to the xmlBlasterPlugins.xml attribute "connectQos"
and setting <session .... timeout="0" .../>
(see http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/interface.connect.html)

As this one day timeout is not wanted with the FilePoller
and makes as a native plugin no sense,
if have now changed the timeout to unlimited.
If you update to the newest xmlBlaster code with 'svn'
everything should work as expected and you don't need to
configure the above "connectQos".
I have additionally fixed a dead lock on xmlBlaster shutdown
caused by the FilePoller when it had errors.