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AW: [xmlblaster] SocketDriver

>Hi All
>how can I get rid of this:
> /xmlBlaster/lib/libxmlBlasterClient.so: undefined reference to
>  `getXmlBlasterAccessUnparsed'
>If I disable SOCKET, Global won't compile.
>Thank you for your help,

Your C++ library:
xmlBlaster/lib> nm libxmlBlasterClientD.so | grep getXmlBlasterAccessUnparsed
         U getXmlBlasterAccessUnparsed

The reference is resolved in the C library:

xmlBlaster/lib> nm libxmlBlasterClientCD.so | grep getXmlBlasterAccessUnparsed
000039a8 T getXmlBlasterAccessUnparsed

Note the 'C' in the lib name.
My version above has the 'D' for debug but
that doens't matter.

Please try to compile the C lib with
  build c
and resolve the C lib by setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH,