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[xmlblaster] Fail Safe for Applets - How?

I used the code from the applet examples as a reference to adding code in my applet to connect to
xmlblaster. However, there was a case where the blaster server went down (I closed it
accidentally) and the applet threw an exception. When I started up the server again and published
a message (PtP), the applet didn't get any notifications. The only way I got it to receive
messages again was to refresh the webpage which reloaded the applet - which logged in again. In a
real life situation, the user wouldn't even know that the connection went down and would be
wondering why there are no notifications coming in.

I looked at some of the fail safe examples in the site and I noticed that none of the classes
needed are in the xmlBlasterAppletLib.jar. Does this mean I can't use them?

If not, is there a way to get some sort of simple fail safe mechanism working?


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