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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: XmlBlaster and Firebird - last problem


good work!

About the capital "F": If you use the capital everything works OK as i understand,
so it shouldn't be necessary to make mappingKey case insensitive (please correct me).

About integration into xmlBlaster:

1. Could you please send me your xmlBlaster.properties file
  and i will commit it to xmlBlaster

2. Could you please create a


(take a copy from xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/queue.jdbc.postgres.xml)
and add all necessary steps and issues about setting up a firebird persistency.
Please check it by calling

    cd xmlBlaster
    build requirements

and check the generated


3. Testing
Does the firebird port run stable?
Did you try to run our testsuite

java -Djava.compiler= junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.msgstore.AllTests
java -Djava.compiler= junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.queue.AllTests

(see directory xmlBlaster/testsuite/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/test/classtest/queue)
This is for the security of your and others applications as
other users will trust on the functionality in mission critical environments.

Please confirm that your donations are free following the
LGPL (or/and any more open) license.

Thanks a lot for this,

chris lau wrote:

I finally got Firebird to work with xmlBlaster with no errors.

The blob issue (as described below) happened because the database mapping key in the
xmlblaster.properties file has to have a capital "F" as in "Firebird". You cannot have "firebird".
If it is incorrect, it will not find the correct jdbc mappings line and will then use the defaults
which uses "blob" as the blob variable name. If you know Firebird, "Blob" is a reserved word.

So entries in your properties file that refer to your database need to have a capital "F". Oh, and the longint=decimal(18,0) needs to be enclosed in quotes as well like this: Example: JdbcDriver.mapping[Firebird]=string=VARCHAR(128),"longint=decimal(18,0)",int=integer,boolean=CHAR(1),blob=blob,blobVarName=msg

I'm not sure why this is. Probably because the JDBC driver returns Firebird and not firebird?

I narrowed down the line in JdbcConnectionPool.java which returns the mappingKey to be:
mappingKey = conn.getMetaData().getDatabaseProductName();

Maybe in the future, somebody can modify the code so that it is not case sensitive. In other
words, convert the mappingKey to be uppercase using .toUpperCase() as to avoid these minor

If you need the complete properties file, please email me and I can send it to you.


--- chris lau <ckl_88 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

Okay, I got my java applet working and getting the msgs passed from the
xmlBlaster server.

However, when I look at the status messages from the xmlBlaster window, I get these

[16-Jun-2005 10:00:32 AM ERROR XmlBlaster.SubjectEntryShuffler MsgQueueUpdateEnt
41231826000001/specialist104] incr=-1 to 'subject:/node/xmlBlaster_192_168_219_2
05_3412/client/specialist104' raised an exception: errorCode=resource.db.unknown
message=#1.0.2 An unknown error with the backend database using JDBC occurred -


.html#resource.db.unknown : org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception.
335544569. Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 1, char 74

The error message is coming from xmlBlaster and includes the error returned from Firebird
database. Firebird is complaining about an unknown column (blob). In my properties file, I
specified that the blobvarname as something else (because blob is a reserved word in Firebird).
In any event, I don't know which java code is generating this sql statement as I would like to
know what the statement actually is.

The weird thing is that, when I look at the XB_ENTRIES table, all of the TOPIC_XML, UPDATE_REF,
and MSG_XML entries that were related to this session (specialist104) are gone... and I have
confirmed that the msgs were passed successfully.

Can anyone help?

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