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Re: [xmlblaster] Newbie Question

Blake Dournaee wrote:

Hello -

I am having a hard time figuring out how to change the IP address of the
XMLblaster server from my java program.

Assuming the SOCKET protocol: From command line it would be

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -plugin/socket/hostname

For example, when I make a new Global object instance like this:

final Global glob = new Global();

I believe the IP address of the server is read from a properties file
embedded in the jar file. By default it is set to localhost.

I would prefer to not have to mess with this file.

Is there a way I can change the IP address programmatically??

If you use the embedded xmlBlaster server try this:

import org.xmlBlaster.util.EmbeddedXmlBlaster;
  String[] args = { "-plugin/socket/hostname", ""};
  // or (if you have a master global this.glob_):
  // Global globServer1 = this.glob_.getClone(args);

EmbeddedXmlBlaster serverThread = EmbeddedXmlBlaster.startXmlBlaster(globServer1);

many examples you find in our test suite:
have a look for example into SubscribeTest.java which uses ServerHelper.java to change configurations.
String[] args = { "-propertyFile", findPropertyFile("heron.properties"), "-info[heron]", "true", "-call[heron]", "true" };
heronGlob = this.glob_.getClone(args);