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Re: [xmlblaster] polling -> reconnecting - And additional questions

Eduardo Catarino wrote:

Dear Marcel,

Well I tried and it worked. Thank you very much for your help.
However, while I was searching for some help in the
documentation, I wonder if it is better to implement a solution like the
example TestFailSafeAsync.java where the messages have different OID but
they are selected by the subscriber using the XPATH. Which solution is

Salute Eduardo,

different OIDs are different topics, they consume memory and eat time to
create and destroy.
So if you have say below 1.000 topics it should be fine, if you have
above say 10.000 you need
to test memory and performance and think about the design.
In most cases, one to ten topics are enough to do to a lot of things,
message instances
can then further be filtered by mime plugins (currently available for
regex, full text xpath, SQL 92 where conditions).
It depends on your use case,



Best regards,

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Eduardo Catarino wrote:


I have the following problem. I have a simple test procedure that does this task:

1)       Start the XmlBlaster server and publish 50 messages

2)       Shut down the server

3)       Publish again 50 messages

4)       Start the server again

5)       Send another 50 messages

All the messages have in common the same OID.

I can receive all the messages except the ones are sent when the server is down, in this case I only receive the last one of that


What should I do in order to receive also those messages?

Best regards,

Eduardo Catarino

I have to add some steps:

1)   Start the XmlBlaster server
2) Start subscriber
3) Start publisher and publish 50 messages
4) Subscriber reveives 50 messages
5)  Shut down the server
6)  Publish again 50 messages
7)  Start the server again
8)   Send another 50 messages
9)   Subscriber reconnects and receives 100 messages

The 50 messages of 6) need to be queued on client side as no server is available.
This is possible out of the box only with the C++ client library and the

Java client library.
Please set the session.name to use a postiv public sessionId, for example "joe/2"

Further - as on 8) the subscribes is not yet up and running
it wont receive the messages if not the subscriber did a persistent
subscribe on 2)

Example: -------- java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote org.xmlBlaster.Main

java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -session.name aPublisher/1 -numPublish 2000

java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -session.name aSubscriber/1 -persistentSubscribe true -multiSubscribe false -dispatch/callback/retries -1

With the above command line clients started in 3 DOS-Boxes (xterms) you can play and simulate easily the above steps.