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[xmlblaster] XPATH Filter (urgent help)



            I’m trying to filter received messages using the XPATH. The filter condition is for the same oid I need to detect only the messages with the same zoneid. For this I’m subscribing the messages whit the following key:


 <key oid='Sub1' queryType='XPATH'>

  //zones[ at zoneid='1']



Where the message sent is:


  <key oid='Sub2' contentMime='text/xml'>

    <zones zoneid='1' lmt='1'></zones>


   <content><![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0OTHERALERT"?><LIAISON_RCC xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="alertMessageInformation.xsd">      <DATE>2003-12-25</DATE>      <TIME>13:13:25</TIME>   <OTHERALERT_INFORMATION>            <ALERT_ID>12</ALERT_ID>       <ZONE_ID>1</ZONE_ID>          <OTHER_ALERT_TYPE>2</OTHER_ALERT_TYPE>          <RELATED_MESSAGE_ID>5</RELATED_MESSAGE_ID>            <RELATED_MESSAGE_LMT>AB1</RELATED_MESSAGE_LMT>        <RELATED_MESSAGE_PRODUCER>1</RELATED_MESSAGE_PRODUCER>            <RELATED_MISSION>25</RELATED_MISSION><MW_SENDER>AGuidi</MWSENDER><STATUS>0</STATUS>       <ERROR_ID>34</ERROR_ID>       <ERROR_DESCRIPTION>The message was not sent since the LMT is unreachble</ERROR_DESCRIPTION>   </OTHERALERT_INFORMATION></LIAISON_RCC>]]></content>






However this is not working properly. I’m new using the XPATH tool so I thing that my problem is in the formulation of the filter, so I really need some hel in solving the problem.


Best regards to all,

Eduardo Catarino