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Re: [xmlblaster] Configuring Applet Connections (Urgent)

Please see example in


rgds, Marcel

Eduardo Catarino wrote:

Hi Michele,

	Perhaps I didn't put the question in the right way. The problem
is like the following, the example SystemInfoApplet that comes with
XmlBlaster distribution connects the applet (trough the xmlblaster
servelet) to the server that is running in the same machine. How can I
configure the applet parameter in order to specify that the xmlblaster
server is running in a different machine?

Thanks for helping me,
Best regards

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Hi Eduardo,
as far as I know the applet is only allowed to connect to the server from which it has been downloaded. I suggest you consult the sun


Eduardo Catarino wrote:


I have a web page that uses an applet receive xmlblaster messages. However I have been developing the application only in my


but in a real application the applet needs to know where the


server is. The question is, how should I configure the connect() in order to specify the location of the xmlblaster server.

Best regards to all,

Eduardo Catarino