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Re: [xmlblaster] client stops receiving messages

To track down the 'No meat found' issue we need the

1. PublishQos of your topic "ComponentHeartbeat" (as Michele mentioned below)
2. If possible a log file with logLevel TRACE & CALL so we can follow one of the "ComponentHeartbeat"
messages (how/when it arrives, how it is processed and finally delivered)
3. Please check if the hard disk is full
4. The sizes of $HOME/tmp/xmlBlaster_* (the four HSQLDB file sizes)
5. Please check in stderr logs for OutOfMemory exceptions

Your xmlBlaster is compiled with Sun-1.4.2_06 and running with Blackdown-1.4.1-01,
i'll try this combination later ...


Michele wrote:

Hi Marshall,

Marshall Shapiro wrote:

Also the publishQos of the messages would be interesting. (to get them you could temporarly switch dump[socket] on).


dump[socket] seems to dump the whole message to the log. Many of the messages are very large(5MB+). Is there a way to get the publishQos information without the message content?

Just send us one/two typical publishQos and remove the rest if possible. You could get them from the UpdateQos.toXml() and dump these on disk or just take a cut&paste extract of the dump.