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[xmlblaster] xpath full text plugin

I'm confused about the full text xpath query.  When I do the query, I
do get the messages which match the query, however, I was
expecting/hoping that I would get back the actual xml elements/data
that matched the Xpath query, not just the whole message.

>>> from pyBlaster import pyBlaster
>>> cl = pyBlaster.XmlBlasterClient()
>>> cl.connect('')
>>> cl.login('myuname', 'pwd') 
>>> cl.publish("<key oid='11' contentMime='text/xml' />",
"<msg><data>hello world!</data></msg>","<qos><persistent/></qos>")
>>> ret = cl.get("<key oid='11'/>", "<qos><filter
type='XPathFilter'>/msg/data</filter> </qos>")
>>> print ret[0][1]
<msg><data>hello world!</data></msg>

So it returned the whole message. The response to the Xpath query is
"hello world!" no?  How do I access that? Or can I?