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[xmlblaster] HA possible using session & subscription persistence?


I had a few questions again on clustering/HA of xmlBlaster:

1) I wanted to know whether a HA setup could be achieved using the session
and subscription persistence features.  I'll be having two xmlBlaster nodes
that would be managed by HA software and the client would connect to only
one of the nodes using a virtual IP address.  Sessions and subscriptions
would be stored in Oracle.  When the active node goes down, we would start
up the second node, but can the second node can pick up the persistent data
of the 1st node from the DB and load all the sessions and subscriptions?
I'm thinking there should be some common key or identifier for the
persistent data so both nodes would use the same data, perhaps something
like node id?  From the client perspective, it would be entirely transparent
as they would only be connecting to the virtual IP address.

2) If suppose I wanted to implement mirroring of session and subscription
info across nodes (which is being extremely optimistic :-) ), which would be
a good place to start looking into (package, file, etc.)

3) For persistence of session and subscription info, if I wanted to use the
JBoss distributed cache instead of a DB, I assume I need to create my own
persistence plugin which would be an implementation of I_Map?

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,