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Re: [xmlblaster] Xerces 2.7 & Blaster 1.7

Ralthor wrote:


Was just setting up a brand new box for my project and thought I would
see how things run with Xerces 2.7 and xmlblaster 1.7. It is running
on windows xp with VC++ 8 express 2005 (beta 2). When it got to
linking the code it came up with a bunch of errors. I saw that you
tested blaster 1.6 w/xerces 2.7 on linux and said it was successful,
so I assumed this would work too. I checked the xerces website and it
doesn't look like there was anything there were any changes that would
prevent backwards compatibility, but I installed xerces 2.6, change
the PATH, and the two lines in build.properties to point to 2.6 and it
compiled fine. Not sure if it is a problem with blaster, xerces, or
if I just forgot to set something up correctly, but thought I would
let you guys know.

Please try:

 build -DCFLAGS=/Zc:wchar_t- cpp-delete cpp-lib

it seems that the delivered binary xerces 2.7 is treating
wchar_t as a typedef, not as the native type (which would be C++ standard

Here is a copy of the output if it helps:
[cc] Starting link
[cc] Creating library xmlBlasterClient.lib and object xmlBlasterClient
[cc] ParserFactory.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp_
?transcode at XMLString at xercesc_2_7 at at SAPADQB_W at Z referenced in function __catch$?in
itialize at ParserFactory at parser at util at xmlBlaster at org at at QAEXAAVGlobal at 345 at at Z$0

On a much smaller note you build.bat file needs some work.  On line 22
it states:

%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -Dant.home=. -classpath "%LOCALCLASSPATH%"
org.apache.tools.ant.Main %*

if java is installed to its default location at c:\program files\java\java1.5....... then it tries to run c:\program with the argument files\java etc, etc.

Quotes around the "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" would make it more
universal and compatible with the java default install location.

Thanks for this tip.
It is added an commited.

Best regards,