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[xmlblaster] Flash access xmlBlaster using xmlrpc

Hi blasters,

Here is a little contribution to show to the World that xmlBlaster is really interoperable !

In the folder xmlBlaster/demo (svn only) there is now a Macromedia Flash applet which access to xmlBlaster using Xml-Rpc protocol.

Like for Java Applet, Flash applet run in a securized bunker usually called a 'sandbox'. Because of that, you'll have to deploy the fat cat
named Tom alias Tomcat.
Always because of my so lazy energy, I've prefered to make my test under a small webserver running on the same computer than xmlBlaster. I think it's faster to deploy if you not yet have Tom the cat coiled on you hot CPU.

For lazier people, you could have a fast view of the demo at this link :

This demo iterate simples calls to xmlBlaster get(), publish() and erase() methods.

Here it is a typical report with the iteration set to 100 :
  OK, Connected and Logged in.
  Test "Test1" : get the version of xmlBlaster server
   done 100/100 times in 9098 ms with 0 error.
  Test "Test2" : get freeMem of xmlBlaster server
   done 100/100 times in 9789 ms with 0 error.
  Test "Test3" : publish a message to xmlBlaster server
   done 100/100 times in 9216 ms with 0 error.
  Test "Test4" : erase previously publishd messages
   done 100/100 times in 9755 ms with 0 error.
  400 Tests Done in 37862 ms.
  Errors count = 0

Note : I used the xmlrpcflash library from at http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmlrpcflash.
Becarefull I've made some changes (corrections) to it. So the original lib (Version 0.841 Jan 10 2005) does not work, use files distibuted with the demo.

To get all in one, I've put an archive of all demo's files here :
But to be shure to always get the last version or new stuff, consult the xmlBlaster site and it's svn repository.

so long.