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Re: [xmlblaster] erasing message __sys__UserList

Cyrille37 wrote:


Another question ...

I would like to know why I can erase message __sys__UserList ?
Is it because I've no security configuration ? Can we erase all __sys__* messages ?

Yes, it is up to any authorization plugin to controll access. Currently we have no such generic plugin, to make your own see


It seems that there is not much people on this list.

There are currently over 100 listeners on this list but i have no idea what they are doing ;-)



I don't know why people are not using xmlBlaster when then need a messaging system, because other messages brokers are not so easy to deploy and so easy to access from differents technologies ...

Perhaps making some adverts will bring more users ;o)
I'll think about that...

bye bye
An happy xmlblaster user ;o)