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RE: [xmlblaster] session object erased????

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Sent: segunda-feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2005 17:05
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Subject: RE: [xmlblaster] session object erased????

Hi Marcel,

	I will try and will forward the results. Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Eduardo Catarino
Hi Marcel,

	I changed the '.' to '/' but the results are the same. The data previously saved is erased. 

I launch the applets page like this:

	session.putValue("xmlBlaster/invalidate", "false");
	session.putValue("xmlBlaster/loginName", "eduardo");
	session.putValue("xmlBlaster/passwd", "secret");

<base target="_self">

<frameset framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="0" rows="119,*">
		<frame name="main" src="second_top.jsp" scrolling="no" target="indice" noresize>
<frameset cols="460,*" framespacing="2" border="1" frameborder="1">     
      <frameset rows="33%,33%,34%">
        <frame name="alerts" src="../XMLBlaster/operationalAlertScreen.jsp" scrolling="no" target="_self">
        <frame name="alert" src="../XMLBlaster/systemAlertScreen.jsp " scrolling="no" target="_self">
        <frame name="freeText" src="../XMLBlaster/freeTextScreen.jsp " scrolling="no" target="_self">
	  <frame name="main" src="" scrolling="no" target="_self">

  <body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" bottommargin="0">

  <p>Esta página utiliza frames, mas o seu browser não as suporta.</p>



	Am I doing something wrong? After the servelet is initialized the others variables, for example I have a variable that stores the application language, are changed to null.

Thanks in advanced,
And best regards to all,

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Subject: Re: [xmlblaster] session object erased????

Eduardo Catarino wrote:
> Hi Marcel and to all XmlBlaster Team,
> Thanks again for answering me so quickly. However I think I didn't put

> well my question. The problem is that when starting the applet a new 
> object session (Browser) is created and all the data application is 
> lost. I think is the xmlblater servelet that changes the session 
> object. I read in the requirements that the xmlbaster servelet should 
> be called before any other servelet to prevent this kind of problems.
> My question is, what should I do in order to xmlblaster applet do not 
> change the session object when it is initialized?
We use in AppletServlet.java this code:

boolean invalidate = getParameter(req, "xmlBlaster/invalidate", false);

Try to replace the '.' with a '/', this should help,

> Best regards to all,
> Eduardo Catarino
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> Catarino
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> *Subject:* [xmlblaster] session object erased????
> Hello to all,
> I've developed an applet using the xmlblaster lib for applets I'm now 
> facing a problem. When the applet is integrated in the real 
> environment that uses the session object to store application data the

> applet seems to create a new session object and erases all the data 
> that was previously stored. I have been searching in the requirements 
> and tried to use the following code:
> session.putValue("xmlBlaster.invalidate", "false");
> session.putValue("xmlBlaster.loginName", "eduardo");
> session.putValue("xmlBlaster.passwd", "secret");
> in order to prevent this from happening. However this didn't solve the

> problem.
> Can someone give me a tip how to solve this?
> Merry Christmas and a Happy new year for all the xmlblaster team.