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Re: [xmlblaster] Excellent work! But I have a question :-)

chris lau wrote:

I am thinking of creating a C# client application to replace my java applet that wrote a while
back ago. The applet communicates over the internet to the xmlBlaster server through the
xmlblaster servlets (I believe it is called the AppletServlet and BlasterHttpProxyServlet). Is it
possible to get the C# demo to communicate over the Internet like this?

Of course, security is of a concern nowadays so all ports except port 80 and 443 are closed... and
the xmlBlaster server is not exposed to the Internet directly.


I think the current C# demo will work accross Internet. I don't get parameters in my head, but it should be easy to configure the XmlBlaster's XmlRpc plugin to listen on port 80 then use the xmlBlaster server address and port in the C# demo.

I will do a C# applet soon, that will work in Internet Explorer on computer with .NET Framework installed.