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Re: [xmlblaster] Excellent work! But I have a question :-)

chris lau wrote:

Yes, I agree that the demo would work this way, but for security reasons, the computer that is
hosting the xmlBlaster server is not exposed to the Internet. In fact, the only computer exposed
to the Internet is the webserver. The reason I like the java applet and java servlet example is
that the java applet does not talk directly with the xmlBlaster server, but through the servlets.

Hi Chris,

what do you think about a proxy that will transmit the xml flow ? Perhaps softwares like Apache or Squid can proxying xml-rpc ... I did not try that.

I was wondering if the C# demo could be configured to talk to the servlets or changed in some way
to do this. I think this would be a great advantage to the xmlBlaster development because then the
servlets would be able to talk to clients that are written in different languages. Although I
would like to help, my programming expertise in Java, C#, and C++ is limited and just looking at
the source for xmlBlasterAppletLib.jar makes my head hurt :-0

I'm looking forward to the c# applet! :-)

Sorry, but I won't do a demo like that. I don't know how to talk to the servlet ... Perhaps in some weeks, if I can find some time, I will have a look on it, but it is not really shure ... sorry ;o{

For da moment my focus is on :
- well understanding fine tune of QoS possibilities.
- C# and Flash with xml-rpc
- after I'll have a look at the SOCKET protocol to implement it with C#
- Then trying to make callback possible for Falsh applet. Perhaps a new protocol plugin, if I could not plug Flash to the SOCKET protocol.

Some, enough job ;o)

Have a nice and happy christmas !!!

bye Chris,