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Re: [xmlblaster] what is the "Streaming mode"

That's one of the glamourous ideas which shall turn into something more

It would be send messages in a streamwise fashion, that is publish very
large messages or even messages which never finish like a video stream.
The low level would then send/publish these as small chunk messages but
fully transparently to the user (he would handle these as streams).

On the other side the subscriber would receive the messages as a stream
without having to takle the hassle of putting togheter the chunks again.

The basic idea is simple but there are a lot of thinks to think about
particularly on the queues like clean up all chunks in case of a client
exception and avoid to get other messages between chunks belonging to
one message. We were thinking of having that development on an own branch.


Cyrille Giquello wrote:
> Coucou,
> A question for Santa Claus :
>     what is the "Streaming mode" ?
> Happy Streamed Christmas !
> Cyrille
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