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[xmlblaster] c client API questions


Sorry if this topic has already been discussed but I can't find it anywhere in the archive. So here goes. I am VERY new to the xmlBlaster API and as such I think this will be more of a user error then anything else but never hurts to ask for someone to point out your own stupidity.

xmlBlaster (version 1.1.1 2006-01-16)

Ok question 1. I have a callback function and on initialization / connect I pass the function pointer of my callback to the framework. Now all that goes smoothly and a connection is established however the callback function seems to get called only once for the first message that arrives into my subscribed queue. I thought at first it was some memory exception that I was doing with in my own function so I just changed the callback function to look something like this:
bool	xmlBlasterCallback(MsgUnitArr *msgUnitArr, void *userData, XmlBlasterException *xmlBlasterException)
	printf(âcallBack called!â);
	return true;

But to my horror it still only gets executed only once. Where can I look to start diagnosing this problem?

Whew now on to question 2.
The xa->get function seems to have a few problems (between the chair and the monitor):
- it keeps returning the same message over and over again unless I delete it from the queue. Do I really have to do this? I would of thought that it would make more sense to move on to the next message in the queue as the original message has been consumed by my client. 

Any help with these two things would be greatly appreciated. Also just as a side note I have tried compiling the cpp api however the last step (linking) fails. I have read the instructions about xerce link problems but am unable to resolve it have there been any other reports of potential link problems using VC2005? (i get 45 link errors all of them seem to be xerce related).