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[xmlblaster] Missing volatile messages?


Looks like we're having another problem with the latest 1.1.1

A large number of our messages are volatile, with some persistent
ones thrown in for good measure.

In our previous version (1.0.6), all was fine - both volatile and
persistent messages worked.

However, in 1.1.1, we're having a big problem with the volatile
messages.  If we do a clean start, everything seems ok - messages are
distributed properly.  But then, randomly, it seems, the volatile
messages will just start disappearing into a black hole.

Here's the pattern:

Client A publishes a volatile message on oid 'X', xmlblaster receives
it and acknowledges it.
Subscriber B, subscribed with an XPATH subscription, is never notified.

However, if client A now publishes the exact same message again, but
using oid 'Z', subscriber B *does* receive it.

Very weird.

It's like a given oid randomly turns into a black hole for messages.

We're still in the process of tracing this one down, but it looks to be
very difficult to pintpoint.  Even with the server logs cranked up all
the way (call,trace,dump), there are no obvious problems indicated.
Messages just plain disappear.

Looking through the changelog, I note that #14007 might somehow be

David Kerry