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[xmlblaster] Message format

Hello everybody,

yesterday evening I searched the net for some samples of how to define a
message format in a MOM system. I'm afraid I only found links to SOAP
and such specs. What would be the best way to use xmlBlaster messages
efficient? At the moment I define a Message format where a sender can
declare a command with its parameters. The result will be replied in the
result tag of a command. As the result can be XML too I have to escape
all XML characters with entities. I thought about placing the command
identification and the parameters in the xmlBlaster key or qos part but
I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

As I want no p2p messaging I'm going to abuse the subscription method to
 send the reply. Is this a good idea in matter of speed and network use?

Are there some samples how to define a good message format? Are there
reference implementations that should be used? Any hint or link is welcome.

Regards, Kai