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Re: [xmlblaster] Redirect of log output

kai wrote:
Thanks for your answer, but the problem isn't the redirection itself.
The problem is the my custom handler isn't on the SystemClassLoaders
classpath. Because of that I can't use the XbNotifyHandler too. In the
logging.properties I can only specify the default Handlers provided by
the JVM. At the moment I add my redirection handler to the global Logger
instance in the code and use an empty logging.properties file to insure
that xmlBlaster does not raise an error when loading the defaults.

Is there a way to tell xmlBlaster not to search for the logging.properties?
I have added this switch to the current svn:

 -xmlBlaster/java.util.logging false

to switch off any xmlBlaster specific manipulation of java.util.logging


Marcel Ruff schrieb:
kai wrote:

I switched to 1.2 and want to redirect the log output of xmlBlaster to
my logging mechanism. I tried to use a custom handler that redirects an
LogRecord but this class isn't on the system classpath. Is there another
way to redirect the log output?

Regards, Kai

The java.util.logging.LogRecord is part of JDK 1.4 and newer,
an example how we redirect it is