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[xmlblaster] Admin Exit Command


I am developing Java (Socket) clients using xmlBlaster 1.0.7 and have run into some trouble while attempting to shutdown the server via an admin command. I have implemented code similar to testsuite.src.java.org.xmlBlaster.test.StopXmlBlaster.java with no luck. I get the following error each time:

errorCode=user.illegalArgument message=#exported Invoke for property 'exit' on class=interface org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin.I_AdminNode on object=class org.xmlBlaster.engine.RequestBroker failed: java.beans.IntrospectionException: Method not found: isExit
at org.xmlBlaster.util.XmlBlasterException.parseByteArr(XmlBlasterException.java:637)
at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket.Parser.getException(Parser.java:490)
at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket.Executor.receive(Executor.java:442)
at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket.SocketCallbackImpl.run(SocketCallbackImpl.java:189)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)

The exit methods appear to be implemented in RequestBroker.java, but its not obvious exactly where the method is invoked. It looks like some sort of reflection is used.

I am able to succesfully issue other admin commands, for example I can switch the run level to 0, which appears to paralyze xmlBlaster, but does not exit the JVM.

//this fails for exit=*
MsgUnit msgUnit = new MsgUnit("<key oid='__cmd:?exit=0'/>", "".getBytes(), "<qos/>" );
//but this works
MsgUnit msgUnit = new MsgUnit("<key oid='__cmd:?runlevel=0'/>", "".getBytes(), "<qos/>" );

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,