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[xmlblaster] EventPlugin - ConnectQos client properties forwarding


We need to have sessions but not user sessions. We're adding a clientProperty called 'OurSessionID" with Sql92 filtering , which might be moved to the topic with XPath subscriptions.
This way we can have multiple sessions in a single xmlBlaster server. These are similar to rooms, only users in the same room can see messages of a given topic.
Our problem now has to do with login/logout notifications.

We'd like to notify users whenever someone enters their session. For that i've put the clientProperty in the ConnectQos, but it seems the EventPlugin discards these properties..

We have also considering developing a xmlBlaster plugin for this purpose, so that we can list sessions, number of users in a given session, etc ..

Is there any solution for our problem or any way to implement this sort of functionality ?


   Nelson Silva