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[xmlblaster] A fix for a handle leak

Title: A fix for a handle leak

I do not know where to post this but I have found a leak in the
corbaconnection.cpp file and wanted to post it and the fix.

I am using XMLBlaster 1.2 and the file is

In the initAuthenticationService() function on line 178 a socket is
        int s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);

Then it is connected (or attempted) on line 180.
        connect(s, (struct sockaddr *)&xmlBlasterAddr,

After either a failure or success the socket is shutdown on line 209.
        shutdown(s, 2);

The problem is that the socket is not closed.  The leak occurs then if I
lose my network connection to the XMLBLaster server or if the server is
shutdown (or crashes) I get continual boot strap errors and every time 2
handles are leaked when the connection is attempted to be restored.

I fixed this by adding right after the shutdown(s, 2);

This seems to have no side effect to the negative and I no longer am
having uncontrolled handle growth.
James Cazier
Software Engineer

Barco N.V.
Noordlaan 5
8520 Kuurne
james.cazier at barco.com <mailto:james.cazier at barco.com>

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