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[xmlblaster] Missing messages

Hello All,

We've managed to quell all the recent exceptions we've been having
with the head version of xmlblaster.  However, we're still experiencing
a case of occasional lost messages.

Every once in a long while, we'll lose a message.  It gets published
successfully by the client, but no subscribers are ever notified that
they have a message and it seems to just disappear into the ether.

This may or may not be related to the race condition we found earlier
in regards to topic handling (destroy/publish overlap).

In our environment, it seems to happen on average once to 3 times per

Below is the error message we see in the logs when it happens (starts at
'MsgUnitCache is unexpected null'):

24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.MsgUnitWrapper <init>
FINE: Created new MsgUnitWrapper instance 'org.xmlBlaster.engine.MsgUnitWrapper at 17ff759' 
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler publish
FINE: Message http_post/2006-05-24 18:50:13.758 handled, now we can send updates to all interested clients.
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler invokeCallbackAndHandleFailure
FINE: Going to update dependent clients for http_post, subscriberMap.size() = 0
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.MsgUnitWrapper setReferenceCounter
FINE: Reference count changed from 1 to 0, this='org.xmlBlaster.engine.MsgUnitWrapper at 17ff759'
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler entryDestroyed
FINER: Entering entryDestroyed(http_post/2006-05-24 18:50:13.758)
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler entryDestroyed
SEVERE: MsgUnitCache is unexpected null, topic: 
 <TopicHandler id='xmlBlaster_172_23_254_15_10412/topic/http_post' state='UNCONFIGURED'>
  <SubscriptionInfo id='__subId:client/edserver_prod1148479503488-1148505216017000001:1148511013813000000'/>

 msgUnitWrapper is: 
 <MsgUnitWrapper id='http_post/2006-05-24 18:50:13.758' referenceCount='0' state='DESTROYED'>
   <expiration lifeTime='0' forceDestroy='false'/>
   <rcvTimestamp nanos='1148511013758000000'/>
    <node id='xmlBlaster_172_23_254_15_10412' stratum='0' timestamp='1148511013758000000' dirtyRead='false'/>
  <key oid='http_post' contentMime='text/xml'>
  <content type='String' encoding='base64'>base-64 content removed</content>
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler toUnreferenced
FINER: Entering toUnreferenced(oldState=UNCONFIGURED, onAdministrativeCreate=false)
24-May-2006 6:50:13 PM org.xmlBlaster.engine.TopicHandler toDead
FINER: Entering toDead(oldState=UNREFERENCED)

David Kerry