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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster performance issues


Thanks for your feedback. We have tried most of your suggestions. We saw some improvement.

However, I think I mis-characterized our throughput before. I mentioned the LoadTestSub test and a figure near 300 mps. Those 300 mps were using your packaged test with Java client, running both the client and server on the same machine in two different terminals.

Our *actual* measured throughput in practice between all of our applications can rarely exceed about 30 mps. More than that though, in a test where we had two simple clients (a "sender" and "receiver", both written using the C API), we maxed out at 30 mps at first -- but over time, the server slowed down. Over just a few thousand messages (2 or 3 minutes) it ran down to only 7-10 mps. We could completely disconnect and shut down both clients, but after a reconnect (without restarting the server) the same (ever-slowing-down) rate continued. This was also after we uncommented the 7 lines in the properties file, so theoretically nothing should be persistent.

It was this "slowing down over time" behavior that has really been causing us problems. (I was so busy describing our environment last time and trying to enumerate all our issues that I let that one slip by. :) ) It appears to be on the sending side of the C client. In particular, "Publish" has always seemed like it should be a non-blocking call, so in our main C app we didn't take any special precautions (such as a message dispatch thread), and just called our send routines wherever we needed to in our main program loop. Over the lifetime of the application though, the rest of our interface begins to slow to a crawl. We can alleviate this with something like a dispatch thread, but that just means we'd be pushing the problem somewhere else where a queue would just be getting backed up.

Does any of this "slowing down" behavior sound familiar to you?

Thanks again.

Nicholas Piegdon
Soar Technology
piegdon at soartech.com