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[xmlblaster] Hardware requirements for 10,000 messages/sec (1k msg size)

I've been reading up on MOMs and xmlblaster caught my eye :)

I am in the planning stages of adding a message bus to tie together a
handful of (mostly) java server components. I don't want to use JMS as
i anticipate deploying components in other languages (C++). We don't
currenly use any messaging middleware. There are currently around 500
msgs/second we would want to send, the majority of which we would want
in one publish/subscribe group. I anticipate adding another busy group
in a few months, reaching a total or around 10,000 msgs/second by the
end of the year. There would be 1 or 2 apps publishing, and 3 or 4
subscribing to the bulk of the messages.

It appears xmlblaster will scale nicely by chaining servers together
in master-slave formation. What i'm especially interested in is the
hardware requirements for suporting the message volume outlined above;
namely 10,000 msgs/second where each msg is <=1KB in size.

Anyone running xmlblaster with this sort of msg volume+size, or
higher? Can you quote your hardware spec and message volume please? :)


PS: FWIW the other system i want to test is Spread.. but i dislike the
advertising clause in their license agreement.