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RE: [xmlblaster] Receive Only Client

Hi Matt,

In our application we have implemented what you described.

We have only one SSL port.

We define a plugin allowing us to filter the access to xmlblaster (see

The filter is based on the name of the user.
So, some users can only subscribe to some messages and others ones can
publish messages.
We use an authentication and authorization framework named kasai (see
http://www.manentiasoftware.com/kasai/goToHome.action?locale=en) to
manage what an user can do.

I hope it will help,


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Hey all,

I would like to have two classes of subscriber: 1) able to subscribe and
publish and 2) only able to subscribe. What would I need to do in order
make this happen. I have toyed with the idea of having 2 ports (both
that can be connected to, and only have on of them allow publishing, or
create various users and re-work some aspect of xmlBlaster to govern
based on user name and password.

Any better suggestions? Places to look, solutions already in play?