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[xmlblaster] Fail safe mode/invalid secretsessionId


After doing an OS patch on some of our boxes
We notice that some agents were not connected to the xmlblaster server.

In the log of the agents we can see the following errors:

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2006/08/07 15:40:12 | 2006-08-07 15:40:12,371 ERROR
[Login requestor mwec9a0205-agent] event.LoginRequestor
un:87)     - com.infovista.foundation.middleware.mom.MOMException:
errorCode=user.security.authentication.accessDenied message=#1.1 Your
secretSessionId is invalid, no access to xmlBlaster_162_111_89_158_3412.

And the agent does not try anymore to connect to the Xmlblaster server.

We are using xmlblaster 1.1
All our agents are configured to use the fail safe mode and only one
session of each agent is allowed ("sameclientonly").
The protocol used is the SOCKET one.

How can I fix this issue?