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RE: [xmlblaster] Mobile application using XMLBlaster via GPRS

Hi Michele.

Thanks for your answers.

> > The GPRS connection unfortunately is supposed to change IP 
> addresses 
> > while moving from cell to cell which might imply problems with the 
> > xmlBlaster client being logged on with a dedicated address on the 
> > server. The client will be travelling across a longer 
> distance (up to
> > 400km) so cell changes are frequent.
> > 
> When using the SOCKET Protocol callbacks are tunneled back 
> through the connection established from the client to the 
> server. The IP Address of the client is in fact not used by 
> this protocol, so this should be safe.

If we are talking about UDP sockets this would be fine I guess.
However what concerns me is that a TCP socket is still bound to the
server with its underlying IP address.
I am wondering if we would have to take precautions if the established
connection changes its destination address.
I believe we will have to check this in general.

> > 2) Is this a critical issue for the blaster software or is this 
> > already handled in a way which does not oppose latency problems by 
> > frequent relogin attempts ?
> > 
> What probably concerns you is performance: how many clients 
> do you expect to be simultaneously connected and how often do 
> you expect them to reconnect ? Once you know this it should 
> be pretty strightforward to set up a test case simulating 
> such reconnects.

We expect a maximum of 200 clients to be continously connected to the
server at once without logging off.
As GPRS will be the bottleneck I do not expect much stress on the

We will be setting up a testing environment soon however I would like to
clarify issues before we run into problems.