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Re: [xmlblaster] debugging Firebird storage

On 10 Oct 2006 at 9:46, chris lau wrote:

> if you are still having problems with your Firebird setup, please
> email me (address located at the Hall of Fame link on the
> xmlblaster.org website), and I can send you a modified basic
> xmlBlaster.properties file for Firebird.


I did find your .properties file in the mailing list archives.

My problem is that the FBDriver just isn't loading.
I put jaybird-full-2.1.0.jar into the xmlblaster/lib directory with all the other jars, but 
xmlblaster just doesn't load it.

xmlblaster complains that the driver didn't load.

I tried adding the .jar to -cp arg on the java command line, that didn't help either.

But basically I'm stuck at "driver not loading" and I'm sorry I didn't notice that error 
before posting the "invalid arg" error (which is a red herring).

Brad Clements,                bkc at murkworks.com    (315)268-1000
AOL-IM or SKYPE: BKClements