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[xmlblaster] socket reconnect flood


I have a sporadically occuring problem with one of my XmlBlaster clients.
Its attributes are: OS=ubuntu linux, protocol plugin=socket, security plugin=homemade.
After some days of uptime (client was always connected) I noticed that the client did a DoS attack against our XmlBlaster server. :) It tried to reconnect so violently, that the server exhausted all its memory resources on the first occasion. Just like a SYN flood. (Since then, I installed iptables rules to prevent this.)

The second time this happened, it generated these logs on the client side (these two messages repeating in same order for a few megabytes):

2006-10-25 13:55:41,127  INFO [XmlBlaster.PingTimer] (SocketConnection.java :180) - SSL client socket enabled for socket://<our_address>:7608, keyStore=/home/disp/disp/conf/nova_disp/truststore
2006-10-25 13:55:41,128  WARN [ XmlBlaster.PingTimer] (SocketConnection.java:180) - SSL client socket can't find trustStore=/home/disp/disp/conf/nova_disp/truststore in xmlBlaster search pathes, see http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.socket.html#SSL

I checked the truststore file and wasn't really shocked to learn that it's there and that it has appropiate permissions. The worst thing is that the PingTimer thread tries this again after a few msecs, causing the connect flood mentioned.
I have to stress that the client works flawlessly for a few days before this happens.

Any idea what this is caused by? If you need any further info, just say so.

Balázs Póka