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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster Configuration files

Hi David,
basically the xmlBlasterPlugins.xml file configures all plugins which
are loaded by the runlevel manager, i.e. which are loaded in a
controlled fashion.

The xmlBlaster.properties file defines such plugins which are loaded
dynamically (as opposed to the runlevel manager). Examples of such
plugins are the callback protocol plugins.

There are however plugins which could be loaded by the runlevel manager
which are still defined in the xmlBlaster.properties file. The reasons
is mainly lack of time/resources for cleaning up old code.


David Robison wrote:
> I am a little confused when to use the xmlBlaster.properties file and
> when to use the xmlBlasterPlugins.xml file. It seems that plugins can be
> configured in either file. Is there some guidelines when to use which
> files? Thanks,
> David Robison