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Re: [xmlblaster] Connection not transitioning to DEAD


this little test works fine:

 java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote org.xmlBlaster.Main

java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -dispatch/connection/retries 4 -dispatch/connection/pingInterval 2000 -dispatch/connection/delay 2000

... now kill xmlBlaster server
... wait 8 sec

now the publisher goes to DEAD and exits.

But your code looks OK as well ...


David Robison wrote:
I create a connection to an xmlBlaster with the following parameters:

ConnectQos qos = null;
if ((clientUsername != null && !clientUsername.equals("")) && (clientPassword != null && !clientPassword.equals(""))) {
    qos = new ConnectQos(global, clientUsername, clientPassword);
} else {
    qos = new ConnectQos(global);

// Setup fail-safe handling ...
Address addressProp = new Address(global);
addressProp.setDelay(10000L); // retry connecting every 10 sec
addressProp.setRetries(12); // -1 == forever, 12=2 minutes
addressProp.setPingInterval(10000L); // 12 seconds

qos.setSessionTimeout(sessionTimeoutMins * 60 * 1000L);

xmlBlaster.connect(qos, this); // Login to xmlBlaster, register for updates

After connecting to the xmlBlaster, I kill the blaster. The connection goes from ALIVE to POLLING. What I expected to happen was that the connection would goto DEAD after 12 retries but it stays in POLLING forever. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, David

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