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Re: [xmlblaster] GPRS / Different IP


Matthew Monson wrote:

I'm using xmlBlaster for a GPRS receipting solution
which provides the end user with the ability to issue
prepaid electricity tokens to a consumer.
The message server is running at the local municipality
and so is the server providing the token numbers.

My problem is that every now and again the GPRS connection
drops and the client needs to redial the GSM modem and
establish a connection back to VodacomISP, whereby getting
a brand new IP address. Unfortunately the client cannot
reconnect to the message server unless I exit the application
and go back in, basically killing the old connection and
creating a new one. The connection does change ALIVE -> POLLING,
but can never connect to the server after redial and there's
nothing happening in the log file on the server.

I'm assuming its the IP address because the software works
perfectly on a LAN?
The IP address of the server (xmlBlaster) is not changing,
so you think it is the client side IP address?

Is your client a java software?
On which OS?
Which xmlBlaster version do you use?

This solution is ptp so I managed to kind of get a workaround by just connecting using a different session name eg. machine2/2, and setting the old sessions to expire after 10min, but I'm sure there must be a better way.
Yes, this is a hack...

I'm using the RAW SOCKET and SSL protocols and passing the message server the same client session name everytime, my question is, what in your opinion should the settings be firstly on the message server and secondly on the client to enable a client with a different IP address to reconnect to an existing session.
Could you please try if it runs fine without SSL ?

A very simple example of the xmlBlaster.properties and the client arguments would be appreciated as I'm still quite new to xmlBlaster and java.
This is a fail save client:

java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -session.name client/joe/session/1 -dispatch/callback/retries -1

if the server disappears or the network disappears it will automatically reconnect,