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Re: [xmlblaster] GPRS / Different IP

Brad Clements wrote:
On 29 Nov 2006 at 14:28, Marcel Ruff wrote:


thanks for the details!

I will try the case of changing client side IP address with a java client
as soon as i find time for it and come back to this issue,

When using the socket protocol, why does a subscribe need to specify the client's IP address in the callback specification?

I thought the socket protocol ignored the callback IP, even though it's required..

If it's not ignored, would it be reasonable for the socket protocol to specify as the IP (any port #) which means "send callbacks to my current end-point"
Yes, the callback address is simply ignored on server side, as we tunnel the response back
in the same socket.
It could be useful when we want to force the server to open a separate connection
for callbacks (similar to XMLRPC etc.) but this feature was never implemented.